Starling Black Studio

Starling Black Studio’s goal is to recreate prehistoric designs from extinct cultures that Starling Black Studios Potteryotherwise may have been forever lost within the ashes of time.  Some of the items are exact replications of artifacts found in archeological museums or private collections, while other pieces are extrapolated from mere sherds, or threads and scraps that can only lead one’s mind to imagine what once was, but no longer is.    We strive for realism, authenticity, and the prehistoric essence in the lost art that we recreate.

Biography of Starling Black

While walking the plowed fields of the Midwest, a barefooted 10 year old boy looked down to find in the dirt at his feet a perfectly formed arrowhead!  That defining moment launched a lifelong love for the prehistoric arts and the extinct cultures that fashioned them.  This passion eventually brought me to the Southwest where I was fortunate to work for an art restoration group that refurbished prehistoric pottery  made by the Anasazi, Mimbres, and Salado cultures of distant bygone years.  Ancient Pottery by starling black studioFrom these beginnings sprang the Spirit of the Anasazi, now brought to you by Starling Black Studio where the art of these extinct cultures continues to live and breathe authenticity in each individually crafted piece that we reproduce.