109 – Double Scorpion Bowl with Kill Hole
116 – Kudamundi
107 – Hare Bowl
107 – Bird Foraging Bowl
106 -Human Figure Bowl
103 – Double Scorpion
104 – Shaman Bowl
101 – Ringtail Cat
100 – Howling Wolf
094 – Lion Stalks Deer Bowl
093 – Mimbres Frog Bowl
091 – Mimbres Startled Deer Bowl
073 – Swallow
Crouching Lion Bowl
Horned Toad Lizard
Ritualistic Decapitation Scene Bowl
Starry Night
Mimbres Fish Bowl
Mimbres Lion Hunting Deer Bowl
Mimbres Bat Bowl
Mimbres Skunk with Babies Bowl
Mimbres Lion Bowl

Mimbres Double Ram Polychrome Bowl
Mimbres Design Disk
Mimbres Antelope Design Disk
Mimbres Fantastic Bug Design Disk
Crouching Lion
Bat Bowl
Lion Hunting Deer
Mimbres Fantastic Bug
105 -Polychrome Bat
Mimbres Hummingbird
Mimbres Turkey Hunter
Mimbres Strang Creature Bowl
Horny Toad
Mimbres Fish Bowl
Mimbres Quail
Mimbres Lion with Deer Mask
Serpent Dancer
Horny Toad Bowl
Mimbres Fox with Insect
Mimbres Turtle
Turkey Hunters
Mimbres Insects
Mimbres Turkey
Mimbres Bat
Mimbres Hare
Mimbres Bat – Rabbit Bowl
Horny Toad Swirl Bowl

Polychrome Bat
Corn Deity
Insect Bowl
Fox Bowl
Mimbres Dancer Bowl
The World
Ram Bowl
Serpant Bowl
Roadrunner Bowl
Horny Toad Bowl
Quail with Chicks Bowl
Fabulous Bug Bowl
Scorpion Bowl
Snapping turtle
Hummingbird Bowl
Swimming Fish
Double Fish Bowl
Double Ram
Bat in Flight
Mimbres Serpent Bowl
Horny Toad Bowl
Canine Bowl
Mimbres Replica Bowl Turkey Hunter
Mimbres Fish Bowl
Mimbres 6 inch bowl Replication: “Fantastic Creature”
Mimbres Replica Antelope 6 inch Bowl
Lady Bug Bowl
Mimbres Zoomorph
Polychrome Hares